Hang in there.

Last night was the longest night of the year.

Yesterday new restrictions were announced here in BC. New variants, new worries, new boosters.

Christmas is around the corner.

It’s a lot.

I don’t have any profound wisdom except to say what my soul keeps humming:

Hang in there.

Don’t give up. Even the longest nights don’t last forever.

Connect with a friend. Have a hot bath. Create some art. Read your favourite book. Laugh at a dumb comedy. Blare Christmas music and stare at the tree lights. Dare yourself to Repeat the Sounding Joy.

We’ll get through this.
You’ll get through this.

As always – I’m here. Reach out if you need. Really.

Sending love. ❤️

(Photo taken on my bike in Chilliwack, BC.)

Published by staceychomiak

Friend. Wife. Daughter. #Animation #artist and children's book #illustrator. Obsessor of #film & #guitar. Lover of #outdoors. Ambitious #dreamer. #Grace sponge. #GayChristian. http://t.co/bOLiy68vQ9


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