Dear Younger (Gay) Stace…

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October 19, 2021 was truly an extraordinary day. My book “Still Stace“, my heart, my journey was published and went out into the world.

I’m still catching up on all the wonderful messages, because I try to put my phone away for chunks of time to breathe this fully into my body. (Also I’m still working on book events, working full-time, and we have two very loud and boisterous kids!)

On publication day, as I had deeply hoped, I went on a solo bike ride to help me process. Bike rides are one of the few things in my life that’s ONLY for me. I stared at the mountains and allowed myself to be incredulous. (I don’t slow down often enough for that.)

I wrote these lyrics in my #sketchbook from the song “Bigger Than” by Justin Jesso. I listened to this on repeat when I was scared to keep writing.

“I wanna be remembered for what I did, not what I had. I wanna life that’s bigger than the fears I have.”

I also wrote a letter to younger Stace, whom this book was truly written for.

“Dear Younger (gay) Stace –

Today’s the day. Our story goes out into the world.

We did it! You and I, together.

Thank you for being brave with me. Thank you for showing me how your hurt could be used to help others. Thank you for trusting me, crying with me, and celebrating with me. Regardless of what anyone says, I am SO proud of us. It’s time to let our story go, and take it’s own flight.”

Also – I left a copy of Still Stace in Fairfield Island park with a special message inside. I’m gonna believe that it’s going to get to the person who needs it. Because that’s the universe I want to exist in.

Be vulnerable.

Take up space.

Tell your stories.

*Also I’m overwhelmed at the kindnesses, so thank you for each and every ONE.

My short message on my very own book’s birthday!

STILL STACE Instagram LIVE Videos

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I had some AMAZING conversations for my Still Stace Instagram LIVE Book Tour – so thought I would post them here for anyone to see. Scroll down to find your fav person, or watch ’em all!

I am posting them in order of date recorded.

In order of appearance: Taylor Rouanzion, Kevin Garcia, Ward Jenkins, Kathy Baldock, Amber Cantorna, Justin Lee, Marla Taviano & (my brother!) Cody Chomiak.

Day 1 – Oct 18 Taylor Rouanzion! This was an awesome conversation with Taylor Rouanzion, author of RAINBOW BOY. We chatted about Rainbow Boy, which I illustrated, Still Stace and why queer kidlit is important! ❤️🌈 @taylorayne

Day 2 – Oct 19 – STILL STACE PUB DAYKevin Garcia! This was an amazing chat with Kevin – we even did some queer PREACHING! Share it around friends! ❤️🌈🔥 @thekevingarcia ❤️🌈

Day 3 – Oct 20 Ward Jenkins! It was such an honor to chat with the amazingly talented artist Ward Jenkins @wardomatic! We chatted about animation, books, vintage art, animation and all things inspiration! Thanks for geeking out with us!

Day 4 – Oct 21 Kathy Baldock! WOW this was a great conversation! We covered A LOT – LGBTQ history, Kathy’s amazing books & important work and how queer friendships change us. ALSO I am floored at how much @kathyvbaldock loved Still Stace – that’s a HUGE compliment coming from her!

Day 5 – Oct 22 Amber Cantorna! It was so great to finally connect and have an awesome conversation with @amberncantorna! We chatted about her work, being a fellow queer person of faith, and why connecting with each other is so important. Thank you, Amber! 🌈💃 ❤️

Day 6 – Oct 25 Justin Lee! What an awesome chat! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight @geekyjustinlee! Also appreciate the energy to try and get Still Stace in the frame! 🤣❤️🌈

Day 7 – Oct 26 Marla Taviano! This was SO fun!! My new and brilliant friend @marlataviano joined me to chat about Still Stace, her important account @whitegirllearning, her beautiful new book “Unbelieve”, and how she became an affirming Christian! Listen and share! ❤️🌈✔️

Day 8 – Oct 28 Cody Chomiak! (The audio track is a bit off here, but if you listen like a podcast you won’t notice!) OH MY WORD! No one makes me laugh harder than my brother @codychomiak! It is a special thing to be gay siblings! We shared, we laughed, we high-fived. And I asked him if he liked how I drew him in the book 🤣 This was a great way to end my Still Stace tour!! Love you Brotherrrr! 💃🤣❤️🌈


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This week for the launch of #StillStace (which officially publishes TOMORROW!!!) – I’m going to have some fun Instagram LIVE conversations with some awesome peeps! Jump over to my Instagram @chomiaks to join in – times posted either the day of or evening before!

Local Coverage for STILL STACE

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It’s been lovely seeing a few articles and having a few interviews with the local news about the release of STILL STACE! (In mere days OH MY HEAAARRRRRTTT.) Have a read, if ya fancy 🙂 Also – order YOUR copy of STILL STACE!

October 29, 2021 – Really nice article about Still Stace in the Winnipeg Free Press! Thank you to John Longhurst for the interview.

October 14, 2021 – Super nice article in The Chilliwack Progress!

October 10, 2021Thanks for the great article, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News! (And thanks for plugging all three Still Stace launches!)

October 9, 2021 – The lovely Don Lehn interviewed me for the Fraser Valley News about Still Stace releasing very soon! (10 min audio interview below)


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I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this day. To open the author copies of MY FREAKING OWN BOOK. That I wrote and drew and how is this real.

It’s a box of literal dreams that I unpacked and my heart is a-BLAZING. Tams and I waited til the kids were in bed, and then did a cheesy photo shoot because I’m gonna SAVOUR every MOMENT of this magical journey I find myself on.

I brought out the original scribbly and beat up hard copy I made two years ago, (originally titled “Dear Younger (Gay) Me”) held together with clips. Also my kids coloured all over it (bonus). This Version 2.0 is WAY. BETTER. Kudos to Beaming Books for putting out such a beautiful and quality book. They have been such an amazing team to work with, especially my editor Naomi.

I may or may not (MAY) carry around a copy of my own book everywhere I go like it’s my third child CUZ IT KINDA IS. Get ready world, it’s comin’ at ya in less than two weeks. Send me your copy if ya get one!

My queer preaching.

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Sometimes I can’t believe the things I get to do. Today was one of those days.

I’ve been working with my friends at The Bridge Church in Abbotsford, BC for a few months as they moved toward becoming an officially affirming church. They invited me to be the guest speaker for this service, and it was a truly moving time. They have posted the video online, which is posted below. I also linked my text from my (queer) “sermon” below that.

Sheesh, I never thought I’d be an artist that sometimes does queer preaching BUT I AM HERE FOR IT!

Oct 3, 2021 – Because of Love from The Bridge, Abbotsford on Vimeo.

At the end of the service, I shared a Blessing that I had written for this community on this special day. Thanks to the team at The Bridge for putting it into beautiful graphics!

Read my full manuscript here: “Because of love, a service of welcome and affirmation.”

Love for “Still Stace”.

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Six weeks from this Tuesday, Still Stace will be out into the world.

It feels like a dream slowly coming true. (It IS!) I’ve been working quietly in my office for what feels like a LONG time, and now it’s slowly getting into people’s hands. WHOA. I’m trying to savour each exciting thing that happens – like these amazing endorsements, and even a Kirkus review! Excuse me while I dance out my excitement in my office by myself. 😀 I am SO grateful.

Paintings for “Rhyme Time Town”

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I almost never get to post my animation design work, because it is typically tied up in NDA’s.

I’m so happy I can share a few of the MANY backgrounds I painted for the DreamWorks production “Rhyme Time Town” (airing on Netflix)! I have worked in animation for over ten years, and this was probably my favourite property to paint on. Every background was like a new children’s book illustration! Catch all the beautiful episodes on Netflix! Especially if you have toddlers. I love my job 🙂

(BG Design by Rod Filbrandt, BG Paint by me)

MsFits Podcast

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I had a really great time, thanks to my friends at The MsFits podcast, for this awesome conversation! I really value the space to talk about this journey with others who are alongside me. If you want to hear about faith and being gay, and how that fits together, have a listen! Also available on other platforms wherever you listen to your podcasts!

From the podcast summary: Did you tune into this week’s new episode with @chomiaks? We were so lucky to have her on the show with us, to have her share her own journey of fully accepting herself, and how that has shaped her own faith journey and even the art she produces for work!@chomiaks will be releasing her book “Still Stace” this October, so stay on the lookout! We hope you enjoy this touching episode. New episodes every Wednesday 5 AM PDT/8 AM PDT.

Rainbow flags at church.

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Something big happened recently.

And the fact that it fell on my birthday, was just one of those moments I felt God smile on my life – so I smiled back.

July 25 was our first in-person church service at Open Door Church since Covid, and that was (CUE TEARS) emotional enough.

It was also a faith milestone for me.

Our pastor Bradley asked me to be the one to hang the rainbow flag on our building, as part of our becoming an official affirming church. (😭❤️🌈🙏)

I wasn’t prepared for the feelings that flooded my body as I (unsteadily) climbed the ladder(s) to hang this flag. All my years of feeling rejected from church and knowing that I would never truly be welcome.

Wow. What this means to me. To my faith. To my family. To my LGBTQ Christian community.

What this means especially to those who gave up hope desperately wanting to see this beacon in their night.

I want to sit with this.

I want to let it slowly sink to the bottom of my soul like a heavy rock laden with gratefulness.

I want the dust that it kicks up to be my continual reminder that good change is alive and well.

Never give up, my friends. You are SO loved.