STILL STACE: MY GAY CHRISTIAN COMING-OF-AGE STORY (Oct 19th, 2021) – YA illustrated memoir


Pre-order on Audible, Apple Books or Barnes & Noble! Releases August 9, 2022!

STILL STACE is available to order from all the major bookstores/sources! Support your local independent bookstores! Here in BC, “Still Stace” is available at The Owl & The Cat Bookery (Chilliwack), The Bookman (Chilliwack), Wendel’s (Fort Langley), Western Sky Books (Port Coquitlam), Coastal Books (Coquitlam)

We had three amazing book launches, and I feel so grateful to be surrounded with such supportive community in the lower mainland!

Cannot believe this is finished and out in the world!
Opening my author copies!!
Overwhelmed getting my author copies in the mail!


*March 17th, 2021 – COVER REVEAL !*

I am SO EXCITED to finally share the updated and official cover for my YA illustrated memoir, “Still Stace”!! Beaming Books is publishing it on October 19th, 2021. It is available everywhere for pre-order, (fellow Canadians click here!) but please try to order from local bookstores wherever possible! The younger me who I wrote this for is positively overflowing with excitement, and she won’t stop high-fiving me. (And I AM HERE FOR IT.) When this releases in October, I will probably have the biggest vulnerability hangover of my life, but if it helps one person to feel less alone, it will all be worth it. Please share this with anyone who may need it! Thank you all, for your encouragement and support!


Friends, I can’t believe I get to announce this dream come true. If you don’t mind indulging me, I will give you a quick timeline of how I got here:

I have always wanted to do a project combining my art and faith journey as a gay Christian. In late 2018 I thought of doing a kids book so that my kids, and other kids, could read it. I called it “Dear Younger (gay) Me”.

Nov 2018 – I had a call with Jennifer Knapp (childhood icon!) about an unrelated project we were going to collaborate on, and I brought up my book idea. She encouraged me to do it.

Feb 2019 – I started sketching storyboards & writing on the train to and from work. I was shocked at how quickly it all came pouring out of me. I reached out to Rachel Held Evans. (I wrote a guest post for her blog in 2014 and had kept in contact with her.) She wrote me back saying: “What a beautiful book, Stacey! I’m happy to share far and wide. Thank you for making this.”

May 2019 – I sent out my book idea on a whim to see if I could get an agent to represent me. Within four hours of sending it out, and to my total shock, I had two offers of representation. I signed with The Bent Agency in NYC a few days later.

July 2019 – My agent Claire sent out a formal book proposal to a bunch of editors and we wait. (I am learning publishing is a slow game!) Claire helps me evolve and expand my story from a kids book to a YA illustrated novel.

Oct 2019 – We are approached by Beaming Books who are very interested.

Nov 2019 – Beaming Books sends Claire a book offer to publish! Claire goes back and forth to negotiate the terms as I vibrate with excitement in the corner.

Feb 5, 2020I officially sign the book deal with Beaming Books!! They start a discussion about changing the name of the book to be more suitable for a YA audience. They land on “Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming of Age Story (An Illustrated Memoir)”.

March 5, 2020 it is officially announced in Publishers Marketplace (above image) I can fiiiiiiiinnnnnnally share this with you all!!

I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. I am trying to do my best writing and drawing for the privilege to be able to represent a voice for the gay Christian community, and for younger me. ALL. THE. FEELS.

Children’s Bookshelf also shared my book deal in their list (below), and I still can’t believe this is happening. But it’s been a long road, so I’m going to celebrate each milestone! (In a perfect coincidence, I was having a dance party with the kids when the tweet came in! 😆) Click image for link.


RAINBOW BOY (Out now!) – Kidlit picture book

Written by Taylor Rouanzion

With the help of my agent Claire at The Bent Agency, I’ve been hired by Beaming Books to illustrate a really adorable picture book entitled “Rainbow Boy” (written by Taylor Rouanzion)! I’ve been working on it for a little while, but it was officially announced this week in Publisher’s Marketplace!

Here’s the official announcement


UPDATE JAN 19, 2021: RAINBOW BOY is now available anywhere where great books or sold – but please support your local bookstore if possible! (Also on and (for my Canadian friends)!) Here is the cover and a sample spread of the inside. 🙂

Opening this with my kids was SOMETHING else.

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