A Blessing for when Christmas is so heavy.

I was having a bath late last night, well past everyone going to bed. Sometimes it’s my favourite place to write, to dream… to feel.

The Christmas season brings up so many things, for so many people, including myself. I’m feeling a lot of heaviness with the world, with my friends, with life. It can become overwhelming.

I believe words can be healing. And I believe what we speak over people has power. What we put out into the universe, it matters. So my friends, if you are experiencing a heaviness in this season of life, this Blessing is for you. Receive it with love.

Text below:

A blessing for when Christmas is so heavy.

May you, my beautiful friends, be able to name what your hard is. The expectation of joy, the feeling weighty with grief, the desire to be truly seen.

May you put your warm hands on your tense belly, on your tight chest, and remind her – it’s okay to let go a little bit. You’re doing so great.

May your body even relax a little into the sadness, knowing that feeling is our only way through.

May you hold those arduous expectations out in front of you, and allow them to dissipate like stardust. See them even transform into dreams.

May you, when you feel the ache of want, be able to find your way back with renewed gratefulness to the steadiness of what you have.

May the what-was or what-could-have-beens find a place of solace and rest, deep within your heart. May that be the fuel to move you more fully forward.

May the tears that you let slip down your face, nourish your wounds like a dry, forgotten desert.

May you recognize that heavy grief, sinking in your body like a lead weight. Maybe it doesn’t need to pull you down – maybe it just keeps you grounded.

Amid your dark, may you discover unexpected twinkles of hope, quiet hums of beauty, and wondrous moments of light. 

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