Dear Younger (Gay) Stace…

October 19, 2021 was truly an extraordinary day. My book “Still Stace“, my heart, my journey was published and went out into the world.

I’m still catching up on all the wonderful messages, because I try to put my phone away for chunks of time to breathe this fully into my body. (Also I’m still working on book events, working full-time, and we have two very loud and boisterous kids!)

On publication day, as I had deeply hoped, I went on a solo bike ride to help me process. Bike rides are one of the few things in my life that’s ONLY for me. I stared at the mountains and allowed myself to be incredulous. (I don’t slow down often enough for that.)

I wrote these lyrics in my #sketchbook from the song “Bigger Than” by Justin Jesso. I listened to this on repeat when I was scared to keep writing.

“I wanna be remembered for what I did, not what I had. I wanna life that’s bigger than the fears I have.”

I also wrote a letter to younger Stace, whom this book was truly written for.

“Dear Younger (gay) Stace –

Today’s the day. Our story goes out into the world.

We did it! You and I, together.

Thank you for being brave with me. Thank you for showing me how your hurt could be used to help others. Thank you for trusting me, crying with me, and celebrating with me. Regardless of what anyone says, I am SO proud of us. It’s time to let our story go, and take it’s own flight.”

Also – I left a copy of Still Stace in Fairfield Island park with a special message inside. I’m gonna believe that it’s going to get to the person who needs it. Because that’s the universe I want to exist in.

Be vulnerable.

Take up space.

Tell your stories.

*Also I’m overwhelmed at the kindnesses, so thank you for each and every ONE.

My short message on my very own book’s birthday!

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Friend. Wife. Daughter. #Animation #artist and children's book #illustrator. Obsessor of #film & #guitar. Lover of #outdoors. Ambitious #dreamer. #Grace sponge. #GayChristian.

2 thoughts on “Dear Younger (Gay) Stace…

  1. Awesome! And congratulations. I’m a little late to this party (no surprise since I’m in my 50’s and recently out of the closet, lol) but I am soo proud of younger you AND older you. The world needs to hear your voice. Can’t wait to purchase my own copy. Happy holidays!


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