STILL STACE Instagram LIVE Videos

I had some AMAZING conversations for my Still Stace Instagram LIVE Book Tour – so thought I would post them here for anyone to see. Scroll down to find your fav person, or watch ’em all!

I am posting them in order of date recorded.

In order of appearance: Taylor Rouanzion, Kevin Garcia, Ward Jenkins, Kathy Baldock, Amber Cantorna, Justin Lee, Marla Taviano & (my brother!) Cody Chomiak.

Day 1 – Oct 18 Taylor Rouanzion! This was an awesome conversation with Taylor Rouanzion, author of RAINBOW BOY. We chatted about Rainbow Boy, which I illustrated, Still Stace and why queer kidlit is important! ❤️🌈 @taylorayne

Day 2 – Oct 19 – STILL STACE PUB DAYKevin Garcia! This was an amazing chat with Kevin – we even did some queer PREACHING! Share it around friends! ❤️🌈🔥 @thekevingarcia ❤️🌈

Day 3 – Oct 20 Ward Jenkins! It was such an honor to chat with the amazingly talented artist Ward Jenkins @wardomatic! We chatted about animation, books, vintage art, animation and all things inspiration! Thanks for geeking out with us!

Day 4 – Oct 21 Kathy Baldock! WOW this was a great conversation! We covered A LOT – LGBTQ history, Kathy’s amazing books & important work and how queer friendships change us. ALSO I am floored at how much @kathyvbaldock loved Still Stace – that’s a HUGE compliment coming from her!

Day 5 – Oct 22 Amber Cantorna! It was so great to finally connect and have an awesome conversation with @amberncantorna! We chatted about her work, being a fellow queer person of faith, and why connecting with each other is so important. Thank you, Amber! 🌈💃 ❤️

Day 6 – Oct 25 Justin Lee! What an awesome chat! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight @geekyjustinlee! Also appreciate the energy to try and get Still Stace in the frame! 🤣❤️🌈

Day 7 – Oct 26 Marla Taviano! This was SO fun!! My new and brilliant friend @marlataviano joined me to chat about Still Stace, her important account @whitegirllearning, her beautiful new book “Unbelieve”, and how she became an affirming Christian! Listen and share! ❤️🌈✔️

Day 8 – Oct 28 Cody Chomiak! (The audio track is a bit off here, but if you listen like a podcast you won’t notice!) OH MY WORD! No one makes me laugh harder than my brother @codychomiak! It is a special thing to be gay siblings! We shared, we laughed, we high-fived. And I asked him if he liked how I drew him in the book 🤣 This was a great way to end my Still Stace tour!! Love you Brotherrrr! 💃🤣❤️🌈

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