A Mo’- Success!

This was the first year I decided to jump into the Movember ring and try to raise some money for men’s cancer. Tams and I have men in our life who have been affected by this… and let’s face it, we all know or love someone who has been touched by this. Let’s do whatContinue reading “A Mo’- Success!”

Canadian icons — and a muppet.

Still plugging away at the Movember sketching! A reminder to donate, please go here: http://ca.movember.com/mospace/8179729 Day 12, I decided to do a well-known Canadian icon – I have certainly grown up with them! Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod of “Body Break” fame. Hal has always sported a lovely ‘stache, so I thought it worthwhile toContinue reading “Canadian icons — and a muppet.”

Captain Jack Sparrow and Hulk Hogan!

More Movember sketches! Day 9, a donor requested Captain Jack Sparrow! Lots of detail on his outfit to simplify. Day 10, I had to do Hulk Hogan – this one was fun to do with cutout construction paper because he is just made up of colours and shapes 🙂

Crafting a card.

I used to make a ton of homemade cards, but I did mostly little watercolor designs. Lately though, I have become obsessed with using craft paper cutouts. So fun to get back to the second grader inside and just use scissors and glue! I needed to do a card for friends of ours moving awayContinue reading “Crafting a card.”