Still Stace, one year later!

“Still Stace” published one year ago today, Oct 19th, 2021.

Happy Book Birthday, to you!  

What a year.

I have to say, the biggest surprise for me this year has been what many Beloved Queer Folx want to talk about. After reading my book, we’ve chatted on Zoom, on walks, on emails about this newfound hope they have to revisit their faith. 

Many begin the conversation quietly and cautiously, as if the words themselves will bite. I don’t think a lot of people realize – SO MANY Queer Folx want to engage with their faith, but it’s often so hard to find a Safe Space to do it. 

What a distinct honour for me, to walk alongside them, and gently fan the flames of their curiosity. I don’t have answers, but OH how I love to talk about the Wonder and Expansiveness of life. 

I’ve loved and cherished getting all your messages. Please know I will never take for granted being a Protector of Your Story. 

My hope and prayer was that my book would help one person. I have an ongoing note with saved messages, reminding me it’s helped so many more than one. I’m tremendously grateful.

While it feels like yesterday, one year also feels like a lifetime ago. So much for me has changed, on the inside and the outside. My story is so different today than how my book ended in 2011. But then, that makes sense. We’re all endlessly changing, aren’t we? If we’re breathing, we’re changing.

Dear Younger Gay Stace, 

I’m proud we told the truth then, and I’m proud we’re telling the truth now. I’m proud of our courage, and the way we have fought to be true to our Voice, no matter what.  Keep going, Dear Queer One. 

If you read and liked my book, I’d love you to leave a review somewhere, so others can find it. (Amazon, Goodreads, and the like!)

My friends, keep telling your stories. I promise I’ll keep telling mine.

Much love,


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