Hard Things.

Lately I’ve stepped away from social media, and had to put my phone away more than normal (both things that are good to do from time to time anyway!).

I’m going through some very Hard Things in my personal life right now. I’m not in a place yet to talk about it, either in desire or ability. I’m digging into my own self care, extra therapy, time with my kids, and getting out in nature. This is my time to rest, to heal, to learn. Right now, mostly, I’m just surviving. But I know this will pass, and one day, I will be thriving again.

I know how hard it is to go through deeply personal, intensely hard things in private. If that’s you today, you aren’t alone. I wrote this blessing for you – and for me. I am sitting with you in that Hard Place. We will get through this. Sending so much love, my friends.

Full text:

A blessing for those who are navigating tremendously Hard Things in private.

I see you, in your dark & lonely space. Trying to smile at life. May you not feel swallowed up and cast aside – but kept safe and protected.

May you have the courage to feel it all. The grief, the pain, the loss. Let those waves wash over you. It is the only way through. 

May you say to The Fear: not today. Today I choose to slow down, to listen for what is True inside of Me. Whatever that may be. Because whatever is True, will liberate all.

May you find the support and love you need, in those moments and on those days, when even breathing is a task too large to bear. You are loved.

May you unearth the tender grace, the wide open space, the caring compassion that you have for others – for yourself. Maybe even lean into it.

May you remember, like the changing of leaves, the setting of the sun, these deep despairs will not last forever. The sun will rise on a new day, the joy will knock you over again. 

May your tears be the water that nourishes this dry ground upon which you stand. May you believe that one day, new life, new hope, new growth will tenaciously appear through the cracks.

May you take the pressure you feel – to be perfect, to make everyone happy, to hold it all when it’s too much – release your grip on it with each exhale. In this moment, just be. You are enough.

Beautiful You, may you stop where you are, place your hand on your glorious body as it sits or stands or lays, and say – I am good. I am doing my best. I will get through this. 

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