A Book Dream Come True

Photos from the signing on Sat, June 11th – what a great time of seeing people in real life! Thanks to everyone who came by!

UPDATE! – I will be doing an IN-PERSON book signing at this location for Pride month on Saturday, June 11 from 1pm – 3pm PST! Drop by, I would LOVE to say Hi!

In early 2019, when STILL STACE was still mostly in my head, and a book deal was a literal dream away…

I walked to this Indigo bookstore on my lunch break. This is one of their really large and prominent locations in downtown Vancouver on Granville Street.

I slowly perused the bookshelves, wondering if one day, I would ever see my name on a cover amongst the throngs of books. It seemed almost too large to even dare to dream.

ALMOST – I still dared.

On May 2, 2022 – after our final day of recording the audiobook – I visited this location again. This time, I saw my name. And I signed some copies of STILL STACE – which they had even displayed out front!

Just never stop dreaming, dammit.

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Friend. Wife. Daughter. #Animation #artist and children's book #illustrator. Obsessor of #film & #guitar. Lover of #outdoors. Ambitious #dreamer. #Grace sponge. #GayChristian. http://t.co/bOLiy68vQ9


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