A blessing for Pride Month 2022

I believe so strongly in the power of our words to build each other up & give life. So I will keep writing Blessings, because I just believe they matter. As Pride month draws to a close, these words rose to the surface of my heart. Much love to you, wherever you find yourself on your journey.

Full text below the slide show.

Full text:

A queer blessing for you, on this Pride Month 2022

As this Pride month ends, may you feel a renewing sense of courage swell inside of you. May it help propel you forward, even a little further on your path.

May you feel a solid steadiness planted in your core identity, one that will hold you up when you feel those waves of fear or shame hit you.

May you wake up tomorrow feeling a deeper sense of appreciation towards yourself, towards your precious body, towards your one and only life.

May you feel surrounded with extra tenderness & support, if you see the road up ahead may be arduous. May you even be brave enough to ask for more support where you need it.

May you know that you are capable, you are strong, and no matter what is in front of you, you will overcome. May you see your joy and tears as the light and water needed to grow through this season.

May you find the clarity you seek, to those unspoken questions swimming inside. And may you rise to freedom with the answers.

May you never doubt your goodness, your uniqueness, your exquisite beauty. My friend, you simply glow as you move through this world.

May you make it your hard and holy work to listen for your sweet voice inside. Your voice is a gift to this world, and we desperately need it.

May you have the gorgeous audacity to believe that there is so much more for you. More to do, more to learn, more to give. And may you go out and live it.

© Stacey Chomiak 2022

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