Sheridan Sharing

Recently – for Pride month – I was invited to share my story at my alma mater, Sheridan College.

Now, this is meaningful for me on multiple levels. Sheridan was a school I never thought I would get into, or remotely succeed at. But I did. And I’ve had a busy animation career since graduating with my thesis film, “Tah-Dah” in 2009.

Talking about LGBTQ & mental health, sharing my story of being closeted and coming to terms with my sexuality and faith, and it turning into “Still Stace”, was even more special to me, because I was fully closeted for my entire four years at Sheridan. And it was extremely tough on my mental health. But I got through it – and I’m flourishing now.

You can get through those hard times, and you can be better than ever. But we all need support to do it. Watch the recording of our discussion here:

They also wrote an extremely lovely article on me and my journey to “Still Stace”, which went live yesterday, June 20, 2022. Huge thank you to all the staff there for their ongoing support and encouragement! And for their dedication to have important conversations like these.

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