A Blessing for you, on International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, I sat quietly and pictured all the women in my life, who I admire, who I am cheering for. My women friends, this is for you.

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A Blessing for You, Ferociously Wonderful Women
On International Women’s Day, 2022

I see you, my Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latina, Indian… all my glorious women of colour friends. May your stories, your pain, your songs, be the drum beat that we amplify moving forward.

I see you, my disabled & differently abled women friends. May you unwaveringly know that your bodies, your hearts, your souls are so worthy of celebration and love.

I see you, my brilliant transgender women friends. The light that I see shining through your eyes in particular, is made of a special kind of dazzling. The kind that catches my breath in awe. May the whole world see what I see.

I see you, my fellow lesbian, bisexual & queer women friends. May you lean in to the love that supports you, surrounds you, overtakes you. Being fully loved by a woman is a force larger than life.

I see you, my women friends who are separated or divorced. For some, those words bring divine freedom; for others, waves of crippling grief. May you feel your feet firmly planted, as you begin to reclaim your life again.

I see you, sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers, who are right now fleeing your home countries to protect your lives. Your children’s lives. I see you. I am so sorry. My heart is breaking. I will not look away. May we not stop looking for how to help.

I see you, my women friends who are sick or in chronic pain. May you feel a soothing gentleness as you navigate your valleys. May you find a loving rhythm of peace that helps your soul dance again.

I see you, my women friends who are softy searching for more. Who are quietly heartbroken over lost dreams. Who are desperately devoted to listening to their own voice & never giving up. I see you. I send so much love to you. Keep going.

My wondrous women friends. I see you. I celebrate every step you take, every dream you have, every challenge you overcome. It’s my privilege to stand among you.

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