I hope you FLOURISH.

I was gifted some alone hotel time yesterday (thank you to my wife Tams), and I (obviously) went to the pool asap. I wanted to use this time to think about 2021 and then, 2022.

As I floated on the water and my ears dipped under the muted surface, I felt a muffled word rise to the surface of my heart.


© Stacey Chomiak 2021

Maybe it doesn’t make sense after the dumpster fire of 2021, but I have learned to trust these nudgings.

So let’s be brash with our hope, why don’t we: I hope you FLOURISH in 2022. I hope I FLOURISH in 2022.

Don’t get overwhelmed at the large-ness of that word. I think it could be beautifully gentle. Let’s dream together, what could this look like?


  • Carving out 3 mins to breathe and listen for your own voice
  • Walking away from a toxic conversation, or maybe relationship
  • Walking toward a beautiful connection
  • Working to rebuild something worth rebuilding
  • Having courage to end something not worth rebuilding
  • Putting up a boundary
  • Changing your mind about a boundary
  • Changing your mind, period
  • Being intentional about working toward a dream
  • More therapy
  • Taking a deep breath instead of reacting
  • Deciding to take up more space in your own life
  • Doing something – anything – just because you LOVE IT
  • Eating the damn cookie and savouring it
  • Dancing alone in your office between meetings
  • Caring less what others think
  • Caring more what you – authentic you – thinks

Could we normalize flourishing in our own lives – even in a pandemic? I’d love to try.

This is not a resolution but a hope. Let’s flourish together! Share with me if you want.

I love this journey for us. ❤

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Friend. Wife. Daughter. #Animation #artist and children's book #illustrator. Obsessor of #film & #guitar. Lover of #outdoors. Ambitious #dreamer. #Grace sponge. #GayChristian. http://t.co/bOLiy68vQ9


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