Profound gratefulness fuels my life.

I make a living as an animation artist, and a children’s book illustrator.

I absolutely love what I do. It’s literally a dream come true since I was 6 years old.

As much as I hesitantly (but so proudly) claim the title “artist”, I am  realizing more and more, that I have to embrace all facets of who I am, and therefore the reasons why I believe I am on this earth.

And the experiences trudging down that winding road, has formed me into much of the person I  am today.

Yes, I am Christian who happens to be gay.

But I also happen to be an artist, a lover of the outdoors, a hopeless romantic, a connoisseur of caffeine… you get my drift.

All these small things are individual brush strokes into making the somewhat chaotic painting that is my soul. So here, in this space…. in the form of sketches, paintings, writings, photos….

This is what I see.

“An artist’s job is to look at the world, and tell me what you see.”

– Derek Webb

Photos of Stacey ©2021 Camilla Hrytzak.


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